John Rodrigues

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I am John Rodrigues

Product Designer (UX) Based in California

Focused on Product Strategy, Design Management, UXR, UI, and Interaction Design. Been working for 4+ years in various industries like healthcare, sports, education, and currently in fintech.

Three things that describe me: Curious | Thoughtful | Fun

What Design Means To Me

Good Design is Feasible, Desirable, Viable

But Above All


Companies I worked for

Media I have been on


App to provide students with mindful micro meditation tasks and them make friends on campus.

All the digital products  I worked at Citi Bank.

Soccer Training app designed TOCA training center.

Web application designed to improve the 3D printing workflow and bridge the communication gap between shop monitors and students.

Virtual reality education platform for healthcare education.

Now on


Please Assist Me is a comprehensive mobile app that allows users to outsource all household chores through one platform.

Design Education

For thoughtful Design Educational content, explore my YouTube channel.

Subscribers: 385

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Here is the community, I am creating to help each with their Journey of being a Rockstart Product Designer.

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Talks and workshops

Talk at Christ Business School on Entrepreneurship and Virtual Collaboration



John is one of the hungriest entrepreneurial and design minds I know. He loves what he does, and that translates into someone who works exceptionally well with clients and customers John has great expertise in building MVPs, UI, and modern applications.
Steven Reubenstone
Founder And CEO of Collaborizm
“John is perhaps one of the most visionary designers, I have ever worked with. He has an uncanny ability to translate vision into reality. He enjoys ushering a vision to completion and he won’t stop until the job is done.”

Lance Rocker
Freelancer for The New York Times
I had the pleasure of working with John through multiple projects and product launches. John's attention to detail and dedication to systematizing processes was crucial for high speed growth. His user-centric design principles ensure correct prioritization and influence decision making.
Tyler J. Cagle
Product Manager


Mentored Over 100+ Product Designers on ADP List.


No I don’t collect cookies 🍪 but a coffee ☕ would be nice! get in touch