John Rodrigues

John Rodrigues

Some of XR exploration

Understanding Augmented Reality and How to Build AR Experience Using AR Core

Lately, I have been curious about Augmented reality. AR technology definitely is one of the most powerful tools that can solve complex problems or create an enjoyable, immersive experience with the potential to make a significant impact on education, health care, industrial design, e-commerce etc. Read More

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Prototyping tools for user experience designers

Lately I have been learning about augmented reality and mixed reality. As product designers, we focus on defining the problem statement, discovering potential opportunities, iterating , testing our concepts and many more.

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Augmented reality prototyping in after effects

Augmented reality prototyping with torch 

Experimenting with Microsoft hololense and trying to understand how we can improve education through better Visualisation and improve the learning experience by reducing the information overload with mixed reality

Notes: I did not develop this app, this is just an experiment of importing an 3D model and viewing it 

Response I got Microsoft