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                                                About Creative Innovations 

working on your creative ideas is an enriching experience. It’s just like joining the legos to create something new or finding solution to a problem.

I founded Creative Innovations to work on such ideas and also assist for those who want to get started. It’s not just about building a product but to create a story and an experience around it which adds meaning to your design. 

The secondary goal of “creative innovation” is to conduct workshops and talks for students and help them to build up their critical thinking abilities and build the drive in them. 

Launching a product in the market is no joke.However, that shouldn’t be the reason to stop someone from innovating and learn along the way. Turing your dreams into physical products and creating a meaningful experience around it, is an amazing journey. 



Our Products

CoffeeBot-That gets Coffee for you 

CoffeeBot is an efficient system to deliver coffee, food, and documents to customers in a Cafe/Restaurant setting or to employees in an office setting.

(This project is also a Social Robotics Experiment )


– CoffeeBot was featured on NewYork Times on 26th July 2017.

– CoffeeBot featured Times of India  on , Deccan Herald, YourStory  and Daijiworld. 

Status: we are working on getting a provisional patent for our second iteration of coffeebot. Working on design, electronics and software for coffeeBot  by collaborating with people around the world, want to know how thats done ? Go to collaborizm.c0m

                                                                           Talks And Recent Events 

Workshop On Arduino In Collaboration With Cvision

Collaborizm Promotinal Event

Talk On Young Entrepeneurship


-Conceptional Design

-CAD modeling

-3D printing



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