I myself is a beginner in this area  and exploring it in bits  here are the initial thoughts I went through 


Every time an innovator comes up with an idea, at some point he realises his product already exist in the market.Most Entrepreneurs keep facing people saying, the similar product exists in the market what makes you work on it? resulting young entrepreneurs getting stuck in the process of researching the competence, market analysis etc. Even though it is essential but definitely not something to get stuck in and ending up with the statement I can’t decide what my business should be about.It is really important to start up and learn through the process If you believe in your idea


There are two points I came across some articles I read

  1. Most ideas are derivative in some way or the other
  2. You don’t  need completely original ideas to make a change or succeed in business

For example, take example of Google; it wasn’t the first search engine Take example of iPhone, it wasn’t the first smartphone But still, they succeeded in building great  products and making the change in the society Also, we need to understand the difference between a product and an idea for example if bulb is a product, Philips is an idea.

It’s the  idea that has to be presented in an effective way to build a better product.

I thought it would be a great idea for me  to take feedback on this post from young entrepreneurs I met on collaborizm

Here  are the thoughts of Narendran

Narendran is founder of Sciencotonic now his startup is backed by  ‘startup India ‘ initiated by government of India through collaborizm


Here are the thoughts of

Sai Prasad is co-founder of Epsumlabs


Narendran and Sai are really hardworking young entrepreneurs, who are inspiring  people by following their dream

Thank you for the feedback wish you guys all the best

 Thank you for the read

written by John Rodrigues 


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