Have you ever wanted to make  3D models and and didn’t wanted to go through heavy Engineering softwares and starting from drafting is not relevant to you ?  Are you looking for open source (free) software that can be easily downloaded  and get started immediately?

If yes! then this is the article is for you  

This article is about one amazing software Google sketchUp ,it is 3D designing for everyone .

By the end of the article you will know what is google sketchup and you will have it installed 

Google sketchup is very easy (Even a  8th grade student can master it )and one can  start making models right from the day one, just by watching few tutorials. However i recommend to start from basics at least watch one or two introduction video tutorial ,it will help you in the long run, i will be providing them in part 2  .

Ok! Coming to the point . Before we download google sketchUp ,Lets know what is It

Have a look here

Video credits :SketchUp community

The next question is How do i download it ?

Step 1:go to http://www.sketchup.com/download

Or just type download google sketchup in google

( And don’t worry if you have graphic card or not)

step 2: Choose “Personal Project” if you are just starting out


Step 3:Enter your Details


 You have successfully downloaded Google sketchup

If you prefer to watch the video  have a look here
video credits:Tutorials Up

if you get stuck anywhere drop a comment below

I’ll get back asap to solve the issue like how flash does 

And feel free to share your sketchup art on  social media and tag designwithjohn.com

check the comment section,you will find link which will direct you to behance ,you can find some amazing work done by people around the world

stay tuned for the Part-2

Till then chill out !

Thank you for reading!

-Written by John Rodrigues

Founder of Design To Express


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