Being Stuck Between Dreams, Situation And Reality

Knowing what to pursue can be one of the most challenging tasks and I believe most of us are going through it, even after having information at tips of our fingers we constantly feel the lack of exposure, ironic isn't it? But nothing can replace the real life...

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The Initial Confusions Entrepreneurs Go Through

I myself is a beginner in this area  and exploring it in bits  here are the initial thoughts I went through  Every time an innovator comes up with an idea, at some point he realises his product already exist in the market.Most Entrepreneurs keep facing people saying,...

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How to get started with Google sketchup -Part1

Have you ever wanted to make  3D models and and didn't wanted to go through heavy Engineering softwares and starting from drafting is not relevant to you ?  Are you looking for open source (free) software that can be easily downloaded  and get started immediately? If...

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Once upon a time  people used to draft using pen and paper, once the design started being complex and need for the productivity increased, Need for CAD came into picture. Drafting on paper, later got replaced by software like AutoCAD. This made it easier for people to...

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  Knowing computer aided design (CAD) is a skill that every Engineer, artist and a creative person should possess. Wait! What is CAD ?It  is nothing but  the use of computer technology for design and design documentation Even though there are lots of materials and...

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