Knowing computer aided design (CAD) is a skill that every Engineer, artist and a creative person should possess. Wait! What is CAD ?It  is nothing but  the use of computer technology for design and design documentation

Even though there are lots of materials and tutorials online. But a beginner has to Google till his eyeballs fall apart to gather materials, so in this blog I am going to  try my best to organize the materials, upload tutorials also i’ll be posting some interesting articles  and help you guys  to get started with Computer aided design.

Life is short to read long articles, so I will try my best to keep my content precise.

Get ready to walk with me the journey of Design To Express.

So what I can do learning computer aided design ?

  • It’s a vast field of course! One can  design from hair pin to Aeroplane.
  • CAD software increases ,innovation,productivity and creativity of designers
  • In the growing trend of 3d printing knowing CAD softwares will be very helpful

Learn one software properly,after that you won’t take much time to learn another .Basics remains the same only the user interface varies

CAD has a discipline to be followed and also one should remember, design is not only how it looks, but also how it works. one can design a cup like shown in the image below ,but where will you pour the coffee if it’s complete solid body ?


Computer aided design is a  series of decision  making, where one should take  logical decisions and  should enjoy the elegance and versatility of CAD.

Speed comes with a cost, so you need to keep practicing .There is something called muscle memory, it will do its work to attain the speed,so keep practicing .To be honest it will be frustrating when you are learning it ,but If you cross that barrier, you will master it .

In my view instead of starting from basics, we can try to model simple components like Screws, Gears, Bottles, cup etc. so that you learn about which tool should be used for which requirement of yours.

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A brief idea of all the CAD softwares will be given in my next article ,stay tuned.

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